About us

SoaringModels – is the company found 2015 in Ukraine. Manufacturing was started from one old CNC machine and some equipment for molding and painting. Now we use modern equipment to produce perfect qualuty models for customers from all over the world.

CNC machine for molds milling helps us to make molds without other factories help, so we get molds for new projects fast and with perfect quality.

Another one CNC makes cores for all our models 12 hours/day

And for sure all eges of deferent parts are also cuted by one more CNC machine. 

      On this website you can buy RC gliders, parts and accesories.

      The main direction for us is a various gliders and electric gliders (F5K, F5J, F3K).

      If you want to offer cooperation in production and selling other type of models – contact us and we will consider your offer.