Mini Dart light

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Wingspan: 1 m
Wing area: 11.6 dm²
Wing airfoil: AG-45, AG-455, AG-46, AG-47
Stab. airfoil: HT-22
Stab. area: 1.3 dm²
Weight: 75 g
Flight weight: 115 g
Controls: rudder, elevator, ailerons
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Price: 237 EUR

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 DLG model F3K with 1m wingspan. Wing and tail made of polystyrene with carbon cover and spar. CNC machined cores provide high quality and precision of surfaces.
Fuselage allows to place inside battery 300 mAh, 2 servos and transmitter.
Due to its small size and weight, even a child can handle this plane. Model’s dimensions allowed to fly on small areas (parkings, beaches)
Here you can buy glider in current colors: orange, green, yellow, blue, red, pink, violet.

Assembly instruction