Kite DLG is new level of technology and quality from Soaring Models

It’s developed specially for F3K competitions and ease of operation was one of the main goal.

Changing ballast will take only a few seconds, there are no screws or rods for fixing.

Ballast is at the top of fuselage, so you shouldn’t turn over your model, just pull off nose cone and pull plastic clamp with one finger.

After that just put new ballast into guide, it will be fixed even without your help.

Slim design with big enough wing area provides good wind penetration with a good lift-to-drag ratio.

According to this characteristics you don’t need to use heavy ballast in windy weather.

All this  advantages allows you to fly your round time in thermals and backs to flying zone.

A few more advantages of Kite:
  • fast reballasting system   


  •  2 or 4 servos in pod 
  • using Ultra High Modulus materials
  • rohacell cores
  • comfortable asymmetrical t-peg  
Price 630 EUR
Price (2p wing) 660 EUR